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Director: Group Captain H. Latif, Indian Air Force, (retired)


A school for hearing-impaired children

“Darshan” under the aegis of the Lala Chaman lal Educational Trust for Boys and the Smt Bhagwan Devi Educational Trust for Girls, is a Public Charitable Trust, registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 on 11 April 2000, and is located in Jaipur. All services are free of charge.

It was founded by Shri Navin B Chawla, then a serving officer of the Indian Administrative Service, who went on to become India’s 16th Chief Election Commissioner. As executor of the will of his late uncle, Lt Cdr D N Chawla, (Indian Navy, retd.,) he decided to set up, not merely a general educational institute, but an institution for disabled (Hearing Impaired) children and youth.

Navin Chawla's belief is that not enough is being done for the care and education of disabled children. It was decided to start with one disability to begin with. Since 2006 the education of hearing impaired children has taken off in real earnest.

By 2014, Darshan grew to 53 small children in 6 classes, keeping with the international norms of only 9 to10 children in a class, for hearing impaired children. These children are fitted with hearing aids in both ears, donated by the generosity of Starkey Foundation. The teachers’ are qualified special educators certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

A friendly environment for the disabled


The building where Darshan is housed is one of the most “disabled-friendly” buildings in North India. Designed by the Jaipur-based architect Amit Gehlot, the building was almost short listed for the Aga Khan Award for architecture. However, as the work on the building had not begun at the time, it could not be taken up for consideration.


The open spaces, high ceiling, light, and proportions of the building by Amit fit in with Navin Chawla’s vision that the building should be designed for use by people of all disabilities, including the visually impaired and the physically challenged. Also, as Darshan has no extra money to spend on power bills and maintenance, natural light and air circulation to keep the class rooms comfortable, even on the hottest summer days when temperatures in Jaipur soar to 45 degrees celsius, was crucial!

Crafted with Love

Amit succeeded admirably in this brief, and provided an architecture of high ceilings, wide wheelchair-friendly corridors, special wide doors, and the use of local stone for the building.


Hearing impaired children are neglected children in one sense or another. Because they are hearing impaired, they have difficulty getting admissions to schools even if the education in government schools is free; this is because hearing-impaired children are not able to follow and understand the teachers and are therefore, not in a position to keep up with studies.

Our effort is to give them a safe, friendly, and happy environment. Lots of sunshine. A hot meal. Special nourishment such as milk and fruits. Crafts and games to relax and develop the mind and body. And dedicated studies.


Most of the 53 children (ages 3 to 15) are from financially weak families. These children, because of hearing deficiency, are unable to either gain admission to a normal state school, or are unable to retain their places because of their special needs. It has therefore become a critical factor that these children are provided transport by Darshan, to both be picked up from common city points, and dropped back to the same points after lessons. DARSHAN IS NOT A RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL.

Transportation is critical. Transport is expensive, especially in view of the constantly rising fuel costs. Darshan owns only one small Van. Hence the children are transported in public transport hired by Darshan. If this facility were not available, the parents/guardians, would be unable to send their children in most cases.

In the tiny tots section, all 53 students are hearing impaired children. There are 37 boys and 16 girls. All the students wear hearing aids except one student who has a perforation in one ear and wears only one hearing aid.


Older boys and girls (18 years and above) who enroll in the 6-month computer course, receive instruction free of charge. Our older boys and girls come to us for supplementing their computer education from another institution in Jaipur that takes in older boys and girls. Most of these students come during the afternoon. Examinations are conducted by, and certificates awarded by the CompuCom and Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL). These students are almost completely without speech, and their hearing loss is profound.

As of December 2014, 300 young hearing-impaired persons have been trained by us in computer software. Several of them have been employed in leading hotels of Jaipur; 4 by the Jai Mahal Palace Hotel at Jaipur, 2 by the Rambagh Palace Hotel, 2 by the Rambagh Hotel’s SMS Convention Centre.


Inaccessible opportunities and inadequate support during a physically impaired child’s early years can have lifelong consequences, often depriving them of a self-reliant future. At Darshan, we impart basic education through special educational tools. We teach them in six graded classes from Class I to Class 6.

Our teachers are certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and are Special Educators. At “Darshan”, our teachers give each child dedicated time. In spite of these efforts, it is still not possible for the children to keep up with normal schools. Therefore, the fact that 8 of our children have managed to again admission into normal schools after spending 3 to 4 years at “Darshan” is a great tribute to our teachers.


We try our best to go the last mile. It is therefore critical to provide these children periodic audiology tests and hearing aids. Hearing aids in India are very expensive. Ours are generously donated by the Starkey Corporation, through the generosity of Mr Bill Austin, President of Starkey International USA, and his Indian CEO Mr Rohit Misra.

Bill Austin

Bill Austin

Tammy Austin

Tammy Austin

Rohit Misra

Darshan Thanks the Manipal Foundation

Darshan is grateful to the Manipal Foundation based in Manipal (Karnataka) for their help and generosity.

With the help of the grant provided by the Manipal Foundation, the children have been provided with a full uniform including shoes, as well as stationery, study material and snacks, and tuition fee for a full year.

Darshan has demonstrated exceptional financial health in its efforts to manage its finances in the most responsible way. We are committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, transparency, and an accurate reflection of our impact on the children and communities we operate in.


The building was completed on 05 July 2006 and formally named ‘DARSHAN’.

Today we are dependent on donations, as well as any assistance of any kind. All our furniture, furnishing and equipment is donated. Most of it is often not new. We are happy to accept because every rupee saved can benefit the children. At present, we can afford 53 children thanks to the generosity of the Manipal Foundation that has funded 50 children for the year 2014-2015.

Courses Provided at Darshan Institute

Computer Courses

Summer training in Computers for Hearing Impaired youth

Speech School for Hearing Impaired Children


Mission: Empower differently-abled children with aspirations to build their livelihood. Give confidence, life-coping skills, and equal human dignity.

Our unshakable commitment is in our finer tenets:

  • children with disabilities are of equal value and full of potential
  • make education a reality for children with disabilities
  • create opportunities for social and intellectual growth and development
  • provide vocational technical and professional training
  • build a network and data resources for potential employment


These are some inspiring and uplifting stories where Darshan, supporters, volunteers, and donors have made an impact on children such as Bhagyalakshmi, Abhishek, and Priyanka.



prakash rohit

Class I - Prakash and Rohit

Prakash and Rohit are two naughty kids bubbling with energy. Though Rohit has a slight mental problem, he tries to overcome his attitude and be amongst the other kids, learning and enjoying life.

naresh rajkumar

Class II - Naresh and Rajkumar

Naresh is a good student and very good cricketer – his problem is speech. Raj Kumar is good in studies and speaks more clearly but his home environment is not conducive to learning.

abhishek manish

Class III - Abhishek and Manish

Though Abhishek has a perforation in one ear, he manages his auditory abilities well and tries to speak as clearly as possible. Manish is an above average student and has a very helpful nature.

lakhan sohail

Class IV - Lakhan and Sohail

Lakhan has good auditory and speech skills for a hearing impaired child. Sohail is studious and has a good handwriting.

vijendra bhagyalakshmi

Class V - Vijender and Bhagyalashmi

Vijender and Bhagyalashmi are good intelligent students. He is more of a sports person and loves to paint/draw. Bhagyalashmi has a good memory and great retention power. She loves dancing.



He Achieved Success

At 24 years, Moshin is the oldest of the four siblings. He has brother who is studying and is also deaf. His father works fixing semi-precious and precious stones. He and his parents belong to Jaipur, the old city.

The barriers to education facing youth like Moshin in Jaipur go far beyond simple economics—cultural bias and lack of opportunities often stand in the way.

As an early drop out from school, Moshin’s life after the 8th standard has been wandering the streets of Jaipur, filling time by doing odd jobs. Moshin came to Darshan, referred by friends, to join computer training program for the hearing-impaired.

At Darshan, we want to impart a sense of confidence to young men like Moshin. Our program is tailored to help youth to think beyond their present circumstances and develop intellectually; and become good assets to the community and productive citizens. In turn, we believe they will inspire other to follow their footsteps.

Staff from the Jai Palace hotel, a place to reckon with among the heritage group of hotels in Jaipur came by and casually chatted with Mohsin one day. They were impressed. He was recruited immediately.

Today, Moshin is working hard at Jai Palace. His superiors are happy with this performance.


A Beautiful Story

Bintu did odd jobs to sustain his family’s basic needs including seasonal jobs like waiting at wedding receptions. This bleak job outlook affected Bintu’s aspirations. He sought to be empowered and realize his full potential. Bintu did not want to be limited by the types of careers he could pursue. He turned to Darshan and enrolled in our computer training program.

Darshan supports youth like Bintu so that they not only graduate from school, but also helps them develop the skills they need and prepares them for better job opportunities. One of the biggest hospitality groups in India, the Taj Group offered an opportunity to Bintu.

Bintu was keen and his earlier experience was useful. He was immediately selected. 6 months into the job, Bintu was a confident worker and he got married to Bittu, his longtime girlfriend who is also hearing impaired. They have a small kid who speaks and are a happy couple.

He is now content and has dreams of his own – to fulfill them he wants to study and finish his schooling and then get his graduate degree. He also is trying to get his wife to do the same. He wants to help his family, his parents and uplift their life. Bittu has reached from nowhere to where is now working with a 5 star hotel. He is a man with dreams and may God give him strength to succeed in his dreams.

Join Darshan. Support the Cause.

Get Involved

Together, we can shape a brighter future for differently-abled children. We are always on the lookout for passionate supporters to advance our cause. You can help us in many areas including strengthening our capacity to deliver exceptional education programs. Volunteer now. Mail support@ngodarshan.org or call +91-9351707666.

Share Your Expertise

Your participation can bring about change. You can promote a lasting change by sharing your knowledge in sign language or expertise in special education. To teach at Darshan, mail support@ngodarshan.org or call +91-9351707666.

Differently Abled Child. What Now?

A little lift from Darshan and your commitment is all children need to transform their future forever.
In Jaipur, the children we support have physical disabilities in speech and hearing or are visually impaired. At Darshan, we give those children a vigorous childhood, enormous opportunities to learn life skills, and the unsurpassed capacity to uphold their dignity.

By transformation programs, including speech therapy, vocational courses, and focused educational courses, Darshan leads by action to create a positive and sustainable change in children’s lives.


Our Effort

Darshan trains and develops special skills for hearing impaired students to give then hope for an enduring future. By providing targeted information technology skills, hearing impaired children are also introduced to the digital world.

Darshan works to strengthen bonds with the communities we work with. Addressing crucial needs such as free transportation to school and back, providing hearing aids and providing the support to transition to mainstream schools are part of our critical interventions to ensure that no child is left behind.

Our Hope

We would like our hearing-impaired children to thrive at every stage of their lives. Darshan helps to build strong foundations and belief systems for a child’s future development.

We work hard with prospective employers, to persuade them to give our kids a chance in life. We help our older youth to secure jobs and achieve a viable future. If you were to speak to the HR Manager of the Taj Group of Hotels in Jaipur on whether they are satisfied with the performance of these young profound loss employees, you could then judge for yourself how they – and we through them – have succeeded.


Help bring change to the diminished course of a child’s life. Your tax-deductible Your tax-deductible gift (under sec 80 G of the IT Act – 1961) gives children what every child deserves.

Send a Cheque or Demand Draft in the name of "LALA CHAMAN LAL TRUST FOR BOYS " or " Smt. BHAGWAN DEVI TRUST FOR GIRLS ". To give in kind, send the materials to 5, Bambala Institutional Area, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur - 302033, Rajasthan, India or call +91-9351707666 for a home pick up.


  • Shri Navin B Chawla, Chairman
    Former Chief Election Commissioner and the biographer of Mother Teresa
  • Padmashri Shri Surinder Mehta, Trustee
    Chairman of Prime Group of Industries
  • Smt Neerja Lath, Trustee
  • Shri Amit Gehlot, Trustee
  • Mrs. Rukmini Chawla Kumar, Trustee
    Editor, Harper Collins Publishing
  • Sri Sanjay Gupta, Trustee
  • Dr. Ram Gandhi, General Secy. & Trustee
  • Mr. Sanjeev Bali, Trustee
    Vice President, Mount Shivalik Breweries
  • Capt. Suresh Soota (Indian Navy, Retd.), Treasurer and Trustee
  • Yogendra Durlabhji, Trustee
    Secretary, Santokba Durlabhji Trust

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